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About Us

The Lotus Blossom in our logo

In 1994 when the firm was founded, the profile of a blossoming lotus plant became a symbol for the new company. The goal was to flourish and reach a pinnacle of growth appropriate for our individual psyches and the community around us. It is the goal for each of us as employees and our desire for each of our clients.

Our Strength

Our community is our strength. From it, we draw our clients and our employees.In our office we aspire to develop a foundation based on honesty, integrity, and trust. Our business is much like a friendship in that way.

Our Mission Is To

  • Provide quality services with passion and pride in accomplishment
  • Treat each client as a valued individual
  • Encourage and develop our most important resource our employees
  • Play a part in making our community a better place to live
  • Above all we aspire to provide quality services at a fair price in good or bad ecomonic times


Our Value For Your Money

It is important that our clients understand how we charge for our services. Behind the scenes is an organized internal process involving all of our associates.

Our quality control system is the reason we believe we offer services of real value for the fees we charge.

This process includes:

Consultation - A meeting that allows us to get a better understanding of your needs. In addition, there may be preparation before and documentation afterwards.

Preparation - Staff accountants use current software and quality control checklists to organize and document their work. Then senior advisors use quality control checklists to check the accuracy of calculations and verify the laws, rules, and methods used in completing the work.

Collaboration - One of our most distinctive features is the emphasis we put on teamwork. Our team is comprised of a number of professionals, each having areas of special knowledge. We utilize this wealth of knowledge to provide you with comprehensive quality service. We promote a team approach that best serves you, our client.

Processing - Our efficient, professionally trained administrative staff processes and packages work for delivery by checking appearance and delivery details. The quality, accuracy, and completeness of the presentation is our processing goal in client service.

Our Staff


Donna M. Bloomer, CPA
Accounting/Tax Executive Manager

Jeanette S. Geri
Operations Executive Manager

Steve Schickel, CPA
Accounting Manager


Denise Gillman Godwin, CPA
Accounting Manager

Tonya L. Oakes
Admin Manager

Joy Lasseter
Technology Manager


Kathy Davis, CPA
Accounting Supervisor

Cheryl Riggs, CPA
Accounting Supervisor

Edina O. Simmons
Accounting Senior

Jeremy Ochoa, CPA
Accounting Senior

Phillip Williamson
Accounting Senior

Meagan Peterson
Staff Accountant

Megan Van Horn
Staff Accountant

Suzanne Walton
Staff Accountant


Sonia F. Santa Cruz
Senior Admin

Bridgette Rich
Senior Admin